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Charcot Marie Tooth disease information website and personal blog. CMT patient, Diane Gracely is a 55 year old disabled woman living a hippies life in Florida. She’s on a mission to educate the world about CMT. Diane’s tired of repeatedly explaining to doctors, nurses, and the people who continue to ask, “what CMT is?”.

She’s sharing her inspiring personal CMT life story with the world. Watch short videos on her YouTube channel and read her blog posts (<<click here). Learn more about Charcot Marie Tooth disease by looking at the information provided on pages throughout this website.

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Support For Charcot Marie Tooth Patients

Diane’s been working online for years advocating, educating, and supporting CMT patients. Visit her CMT Support Facebook page and CMT Support Group on Facebook.

After all, Diane’s goal is a world of people who KNOW what Charcot Marie Tooth disease is. CMT is the rare hereditary neuromuscular disease with the funny name, that no one has ever heard of. The name came from the three doctors who discovered it. 1 in 2,500 people have CMT. CMT is a debilitating neuromuscular disease that deforms the feet. It also deforms the hands of some patients. Patients have peripheral neuropathy and muscle atrophy. High arches, ankle weakness, foot deformities, and poor balance are some of the first symptoms. Some patients have symptoms start at a very young age, and some not till their 40’s or 50’s.

So why does no one know what CMT is? Many doctors are even clueless. How can that be? Diane has asked many doctors over the years that exact question. Their response is, Charcot Marie Tooth was mentioned in college, but we were never educated about CMT.

Charcot Marie Tooth Deformed Diane’s Feet

Diane became permanently disabled by CMT in 1997. However, she was never one to give up on anything. She bought a computer and began looking for a doctor who could help her. Diane’s feet had become badly deformed due to the progression of CMT. She located an orthopedic surgeon in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Dr Juliano reconstructed both of Diane’s feet and got her walking again. She was laid up for 3 years while having surgeries and then learning to walk again.

CMT Patient Becomes Successful Entrepreneur

Diane knew she could not survive on Social Security Disability alone. Especially for 3 years with little income. After all, the doctors did not know if Diane would ever work outside her home again. Thanks to her “Never Give Up” personality, she was determined to find a way to supplement her income. She wanted to work from home and start a business online.

In conclusion, that’s exactly what she did. She’s now a successful 22 year online home business entrepreneur. Diane started several online businesses from scratch. She worked at growing each business into profitable businesses. Then she’d sell the business for a profit. Her most successful business sold for a $50,000 profit. Follow her inspiring story through her videos and learn how she did it. And, what she did.

Currently Diane is a graphic designer. She uses colorful images and funny or inspiring quotes. Her designs are for sale on shirts, accessories, reusable grocery bags (tote bags), and home decor through TeePublic, a print on demand company. The name of her store on TeePublic is Diane’s Tees. She earns small commissions from sales of her designs on products.