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CMT Neurologist in Orlando, Florida

CMT neurologist located in Orlando, Florida. Offers a new Neuromuscular Program. In addition, a Destination Program for patients from out of state and countries outside the USA.

Dr. Nivedita Jerath, MD, MS is a board-certified neurologist. Including, outstanding credentials. Above all, she is passionate about helping patients with hereditary motor and sensory neuropathies. In other words, she’s experienced with Charcot Marie Tooth. For instance, about 80% of her patients have CMT.

Neuromuscular Program
Nivedita Jerath, MD
Nivedita Jerath, MD
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CMT Neurologist

Dr. Jerath is serving as a neuromuscular division director.

Her Specialties:

  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Charcot Marie Tooth disease (CMT)
  • Motor neuron disease
  • Neuromuscular junction disorders
  • Muscle disease
  • Hereditary neuromuscular disorders

Address And Contact Information

AdventHealth Medical Group Neurology at Winter Park

1573 W Fairbanks Ave.
Suite 210
Winter Park, FL 32789
Call 407-303-6729

CLICK HERE for more information and to schedule an appointment. Find out more information about the Destination Program.

CMT Neurologist Dr Jerath Contacts Diane Gracely

Short story about how Diane Gracely found Dr Jerath. Diane has been a CMT advocate on Facebook for years. After all, Diane has Charcot Marie Tooth, so she’s very knowledgeable about CMT. Diane started a CMT Support Facebook page in 2013. Similarly, she also has a CMT Support Group on Facebook. In conclusion, Dr Jerath found Diane on Facebook and contacted her. Not only did Diane become a CMT patient, they also became friends. After all, it’s a win-win situation for both of them. Dr Jerath helped Diane get her genetic test. And, Diane is referring CMT patients to the doctor. After all, why not work together? They both have the same passion, helping CMT patients.

CMT Neurologist in Ormond Beach, Florida

However, Diane just discovered another neurologist group. They are located in Ormond Beach, Florida. Coastal Pain & Neurology Centers doctors have knowledge about Charcot Marie Tooth. Choose your location, and make an appointment.

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Located in Ormond Beach, Florida