CMT Videos

CMT Videos

CMT videos are about Charcot Marie Tooth disease. Diane Gracely, creator of “Hippies Life” is a 55 year old woman born with CMT. This is her inspiring personal life story. These are her views and opinions from growing up and living with CMT.

CMT Kids
Diane was born with CMT

So many people including doctors and nurses, have never even heard of my neuromuscular disease. Therefore, it’s why I’m now sharing my long story through videos on my YouTube channel and Blog. I want to educate the world about Charcot Marie Tooth disease. Everyone who hears the name thinks it’s just something minor to do with my TEETH. It’s far worse than that, and has nothing to do with my teeth.

Diane’s CMT Videos

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OLDER CMT Videos Diane and Her Mom

This CMT video below, is on one of Diane’s old YouTube channels. It’s from 2009 when the local newspaper in Reading, Pennsylvania interviewed Diane and her mom for an article. Diane asked the newspaper to write and publish a story to help raise awareness for CMT.